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Preparing Children For/coping with Impending Death of Grandma/mom from Cancer

T.D. asks from Salt Lake City

How have you dealt with caring for a parent struggling with terminal cancer (or any illness, for that matter) and helping your children prepare for their death? How ...


Toys and Tats Charitable Drive.... DONATIONS DENIED!!

R.D. asks from Richmond

My tattoo artist owns his own shop, and every year I help him do the 'Toys and Tats' charitable drive. Basically, you can get a free, small tattoo off the wall (n...


5-Yr-old Back Talk and Hitting

B.L. asks from Chicago

My (usually well-behaved) 5-yr-old daughter has become very sassy with me (SAHM) in recent months. When I request her to do something, she often has a response, a neg...


What Kind of Dog Should We Get?

A.B. asks from Seattle

Hi there... We have two daughters that are 5 and 3. Both are great with animals: patient, gentle, don't pull tails, etc. However, we have a 14 year old active male...


Husband Extremely Hard on 1St Grader When Helping with Homework

J.M. asks from Chicago

My 1st grade daughter is a good kid. My husband is overall a very good dad - and he's also a very involved dad the past 2 years because he's been the stay-at-home pa...


Military Deployment

L.U. asks from Glens Falls

Any advice for a 3 1/2 year old's first deployment experience? All she knows is Daddy's going on a very long trip, like other trips he's taken recently, but longer.