Sun Protection

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JFF - What Sunscreen Do You Use?

R.J. asks from Seattle

Hawaiian Tropic SPF4 Bare Minerals Foundation (for my face) SPF15 I have SUPER melanin. In just 2 days of sun in Seattle I'm about 5 shades darker than i was (not ...


How Do I Keep My Sunburn from Peeling?

N.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies! I was at a water park yesterday (it was over 100 here in TX yesterday! ouch!) ALL day, and of course I got me a good burn on my shoulders, chest and face. ...


Car Seat

J.L. asks from Oklahoma City

How long did you keep your children in the booster seat with a back before going to the backless? My son will be 5 next month. I feel a bit safer in one with a back, a...


Off of politics..I Have a Child Question

E.B. asks from Seattle

Mild sunburn on a three year old? I cant use aloe because we both are allergic. Any other suggestions? I think it is safe to say mild he is not complaining of it hu...



S.C. asks from Dallas

I need to find a sunscreen that will not harm skin for my 15 y/o daughter. She just recently received 2nd degree burns on face from the sun. We were unaware that her m...


Lost Condom - Freaking Out. Support Needed.

C.T. asks from New York

Okay Moms, here it goes... Last night hubby and I got a little frisky. The romantic-comedy movie on the couch resulted in a long multi-position roll in the hay. It...



J.W. asks from Seattle

removed question for privacy and protection of parties... Thank you all for your input though


Desprate in Arizona: Kids Hair Tangles, Thinning, Breakage, and Tears. HELP!

I.R. asks from Phoenix

History: my baby girls were born with beautiful thick black locks...that though with time has changed to brown mousy hair. Seriously :D from thick black hair it has dr...


Onesis Question

J.S. asks from Detroit

I like for my 16 month old to wear a onesis under his clothes both for added warmth and the drooling factor. He drools constantly and even though he wears a bid I sti...