Sun Damage

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"Sun Spots"

G.R. asks from Los Angeles

In the past few years I've begun to show brown spots on my face. Doctor says its the effect of sun exposure in earlier years. I have tried photofacials and microder...


Discolor of the Face from Sun Damage

S.D. asks from Phoenix

I went to a dermetologist for this issue on my face. It costs about $100 for the cream and 4 months commitment to apply it twice a day. Then staying out of the sun an...


Bug Repellent & Sun Screen

C.M. asks from Madison

I've heard that sun screen and bug repellent should not be used on infants. My son will be turning 4 months on June 5 when is it o.k. to use sun screen on him? When i...


Sun Protection

K.I. asks from Washington DC

How paranoid should I be about the sun when going on little jaunts and walks with my 6 month old? I have her wear a hat and sometimes sunglasses but the rest of her ...


Sun Spots

K.L. asks from Dallas

My "sun spots" on my face have really started showing bad this summer. I can cover them okay with makeup but it's without makeup that they really bother me. Does anyo...


Anyone Out There Have Melasma from Sun Damage?

C.W. asks from Philadelphia

I have been dealing with skin damage called melasma since 2004! Not so great to deal with, I have been to the dermatologist and tried a few creams the next procedure ...


Sun Safety Myth?

M.. asks from Detroit

Is it true that 6pm sun cannot damage skin? Well actually I heard it was after 4pm.


Annular Eclipse and Staring at the Sun

W.H. asks from Sacramento

the teen next door is planning on "glancing at the sun for a few seconds every five minutes or so" to watch the eclipse! I told him how to make a pinhole camera, but ...


Do You Keep Your Kids Out of the Sun from 10-4?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My daycare has 3 outside times for the toddlers and the 2nd outside time is right around noon when the sun is hottest! Should I ask that my child not be taken outsid...


Sun Screen for Eczema

R.C. asks from Phoenix

My 9 month old has eczema, and I want to know if anyone has found a sunscreen that will not irritate the condition. I have already tried Aveno, but it made him break...