Sun Damage: Aveeno

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Sun Screen for Eczema

My 9 month old has eczema, and I want to know if anyone has found a sunscreen that will not irritate the condition. I have already tried Aveno, but it...


Sunscreen for Infants

I am going to take my four month old daughter to the zoo next week. She will be ...

Sun Protection

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Sun Screen for Highly Allergic Child

hi moms! i have a 20 month old who is allergic to EVERYTHING from foods to meds and everything in between. this is a new thing, this time last year ...


Sunblock and Kids

I am having my annual summer angst over sunblock for my kids. I ran around all d...


Sunblock on Newborns??

I just talked with dr. office and they say I cannot use sunblock on my 2month ol...


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Itching After a Sunburn

I wanted to see if anyone had some advice on why I itch after a sunburn and what to do about it. More than a week ago I got a minor sunburn on my legs...


Easing Sunburn

Aside from using Aloe Vera, do you ladies know of any remedies for soothing sun-...


Old Sunburn

A year ago my kids went to visit my in-laws in another state with my husband and...