Summer Infant

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Need Recommendation for a High Chair Please

M.S. asks from Portland

Hi Moms and Dads! So my little guy is getting bigger and he is going to need a high chair soon. I thought he could use his sister's but she is just still too attache...


Registry for Baby Shower

J.L. asks from Lexington

Hey ladies! Me and the hubs are going this weekend to register, so I wanted to ask everyone what are the items you absolutely can't live without? It's been 4 years ...


Elevating a Bassinet

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My 5 week old son has acid reflux and the doctor recommended that we elevate the mattress in his crib however he sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom. Any s...


Can a 8 Month Old Sleep in an Toddler Airbed?

M.M. asks from Bellingham

Hi Ladies. :) I currently co sleep with my 8 month old son on a full size mattress on the floor. I would like to transition him to a bed beside me so that DH can s...


Cribs, Car Seats, Bob Revolution, Nordic Cab? Ugggg.

P.L. asks from Hartford

Anyone have a car seat, baby jogger, stroller, crib, glass baby bottles, co-sleeper....any product for a new baby.... that they love? I am overwhelmed by the choices...


Booster Chair

L.R. asks from Seattle

Hi Mama's! I am trying to figure out what kind of booster chair to buy for our 2 year old daughter. As of 2 days ago, she has pretty much refused to sit in her hig...


Bath for 7-Month Old

S.P. asks from Davenport

My baby girl is 7 months old and I am writing to ask what suggestions you ladies have at bath time. Currently I just get in the bath with her OR I kneel down beside t...


How to Create a Peaceful Transition from Bath to Changing Table

C.G. asks from Boston

My son is 13 months old. Whenever he gets out of the tub (kitchen sink) he freaks out. I realize it is b/c he loves it, but I have been told that 5 minutes at his a...


Motherly Advice

J.H. asks from Abilene

I am pregnant with twins (boy/girl) and I have been advised not to let my babies sleep in my room with me (in a crib). They will be in a crib, not my bed. Four is too...


2Nd Boy on the Way

J.S. asks from Dallas

Hey there ladies, I need some advice. I have a 13 month old boy and I am due with our second boy in May. What advice can you give to me about having a second child....