Summer Camp

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Building Confidence in Child

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am at my wits and tried everything but can't put confidnece in my daughter. I have read everything, done everything, I dont know what to do anymore. I am...


Would You Force Your Child to Go to a Sleepaway Camp?

B.H. asks from New York

I'm specifically talking about sleepaway / overnight camp. On babycenter blog Laurie Gelman wrote a story how she forced her now 13 year old to go to camp a few ye...


What to Tell Mom of Violent Child?

T.N. asks from Albuquerque

Ladies... I need advice!!! There's a boy in my daughters' preschool who is an absolute terror. I'll call him K. K is frequently out of control, can't follow direct...


My Son Is Having Accidents at Almost Age 6, Is This Normal?

Z.G. asks from Denver

My 6 year old son (his birthday is in a week) is having multiple poop accidents a day and it is driving me nuts (as I am sure you can imagine!) He has told me "I jus...


What Do You Do When School Is Out 6 Weeks a Year?

K.M. asks from Atlanta

Hi all, My daughter is starting kindergarten next year. We currently have both our Pre-K kids in private school. We would like to put them in the public school tho...


Comparing Options

L.M. asks from Dover

I previously asked about the Nintendo DS XL. After reading all the responses and doing some research, I am hoping my daughter changes her mind on what she would like...


Daughter Wants to Go Horseback Riding

J.K. asks from Grand Rapids

My ten year old daughter experienced horseback riding at her summer camp last year. Since that time she has asked us repeatedly to take her riding again. Her birthd...


Countdown Clock

J.G. asks from Chicago

Just curious if anyone owns a countdown clocks and finds it helpful? Our summer camp schedule is creating conflict in the morning. I thought maybe a countdown clock w...


Child Being Excluded from Friend activities...any Advice Appreciated!

T.T. asks from Tulsa

My child has a group of friends that she runs with at our church. They also are mostly homeschooled children. Anyway this week our older children were gone to summe...


Going Back to Work After Five Years of Being an SAHM

K.H. asks from Salt Lake City

I've stayed home with my two boys, ages 5.75 and 3.5, for the past five years. Recently, I accepted a 20-hour per week job offer, which means hiring a nanny or puttin...