Summer Camp

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Daycare or Summer Camp??

K.A. asks from Philadelphia

I am looking for a summer camp thats not going to make me broke. I have been looking in the Cherry hill.


Summer Camp for a Working Mom

S.P. asks from Dallas

Hello all you moms out there. I have found this site to be very helpful. I have a four year old son, but will soon be five in June. School is out for him June. 13 and ...


Summer Camp Referrals

T.H. asks from Tampa

I am looking for a summer camp for my 6-year old boy. I work full-time so I need a full-day program for at least 8 weeks of the summer. I live in Carrollwood. Any a...


Summer Camp Lunch Ideas

C.D. asks from Chicago

I have a 1st grader who will be going to summer camp. I was looking for ideas that we can pack other than sandwiches. We do have a thermos, so we can do things like ...


Too Old for Summer Camp???

K.J. asks from Los Angeles

My 12 year old son has attended the same summer camp 2 years in a row. It was affordable and my kids came home dirty, tired and happy! We usually do one week of camp...


Summer Camp in or Around Clifton, NJ

L.H. asks from New York

I am looking for a summer camp for my son who will be 6 in january. I need one that would provide door to door transportation. Any suggestions will be most welcomed!


How to Mke Summer Fun Without Summer Camp?

G.D. asks from Atlanta

School is almost out and I cant afford to send my kids to summer camp. It is too expensive. But I dont want them sitting around the house bored and eating up the groce...


Seeking Summer Camp in Grand Prairie/Arlington Area

S.S. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good summer camp in the Arlington/Grand Prairie area? I need a camp that is available to cover workday hours, but offers a lot of interesting & f...


I Need Help ASAP for Summer Camp

C.G. asks from Tampa

I really need help!!! I left it up to my husband to enroll our child in summer camp and tonight he told me he forgot, I went to Southwest and they were full, I called ...


Summer Camp for 4 Year-old?

Y.S. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know of a summer camp program for my 4 year-old near Quantico? I have found some, but they are nearly 30 minutes away. If they are more than 3 hours long...