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What Do You Think Kids Playing with Toy Guns?

J.F. asks from Dallas

I'm not sure about how I feel about my 18 month play with toy guns. I have told my family (in-laws) that I didn't like the idea of him playing with guns. They just la...


Toys in Your Living Room?

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

People with small children and small houses: do you allow toys in your living room? I have 2 preschoolers and a 2 bedroom apartment. My youngest is moving into a bi...


Teacher Convicted of Animal Neglect and Hoarding Animals.

A.S. asks from Eugene

There is a chance my daughter will have a teacher convicted of animal neglect hoarding 15 horses, llamas and goats. One of the 3 4th grade teachers plead guilty to s...


Quick! What Was/is Your One and a Half Year Old Toddler's Favorite Toy?

S.V. asks from Dallas

Hello! I have an 18 month old son! He is bored with his current toys. Tonight my husband and I are going to either Wal Mart or Target to pick out a toy. So far he ha...


Divorced and Shared Custody of CLOTHES, SHOES, and TOYS

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

OK I need help with this issue Emmy has a set of toys at each house and a bedroom at each house. I typically buy all of her clothes and then give a portion to my ...


What Toys Do Your 2-3 YO Boy Like

M.R. asks from Chicago

So my son is 2 and I'm at a loss for Christmas gifts for him. He loves cars, but grandmas and aunties are getting him lots of cars, as well as the few other ideas I'...


Toy Guns

J.K. asks from Cleveland

What is your opinion on toy guns? Do you think a child will become "violent" if he/she uses toy guns? That sounds silly to even say, considering I used to play with...


Boys Who like Girl Toys

S.S. asks from Columbus

My 3.5 year old loves Barbies. Every commercial that advertises castles, Barbies, Strawberry shortcake, princesses: he says I want that. But when it comes to anythi...


Old Fashioned Toddler Pull Toys

D.M. asks from Waterloo

I have recently found the cutest pull toys for toddlers ages 3 and up that are a pellet stuffed animal on wooden wheels that a child can pull along with them. Do you ...


Animal Lovers - Dogs specifically....grieving

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Over the weekend my dog's brother died. He was only 15 months old. He played with him EVERY DAY as his mommy and I worked out together and are neighbors. We found ...