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Controlling the Toy & Book Situation

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am in the midst of a deep spring cleaning and organizing spree. It's one of those "getting back to basics" type things where I'm tempted to get rid of everything bu...


A Few Toy Recommendations

C.O. asks from Washington DC

i'm considering a few bigger ticket items this holiday season for our 3 yr old and would love some input about your experience with digital cameras for kids, portable...


Toys for 12 Month Old

K.N. asks from Minneapolis

I have been asked to make a Christmas list for my daughter who by the time Christmas comes along will be 12 months. I am looking for ideas ... maybe your child had a ...


Best Baby Toys for 9-12 Months

B.B. asks from Lansing

Hi Moms, My son is almost 10 months old and I think he's getting bored with his toys. I want to make sure I spend my money on a few good, tried and true toys. What...


Favorite One Year Old Toy?

J.P. asks from Boca Raton

Hi ladies, my son is approaching his first birthday and I'm looking for suggestions on your favorite "big" toy, I've heard the Kitchen, Fisher Price House, or outsid...


Toys for 1-Year-old

B.R. asks from Albany

I am looking for suggestions for toys for a 1-year-old boy. My husband and I have recently realized that most of the toys he has now are too young for him and so he ...


Toy Suggestions for a 13 Month Old for This Christmas

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi My daughter is 13 months and will be 15 months by Christmas time. I am looking for toy suggestions to put on her list. I want to have toys that will help her lear...


Trying to Figure Out Age Appropriate Toys to Engage My 2 1/2 Year Old Son

L.L. asks from Orlando

I feel like I do nothing with my son when we are at home. He is in the Preshool where I work for a good part of the day. I just want to know of good toys, or activi...


Toy Ideas for a Two Year Old

R.C. asks from Cincinnati

My son will be having his second birthday very soon and I am looking for some gift ideas for him. I'd like to replace some of his old toys with some great toddler to...


Toys for 1 Yr Old Boy

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

Believe it or not, I am already making a list for my kids for Christmas. My mom always seems to start early and she always asks me what to get the kids so I want to b...