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Best Double Jogging Stroller for Tall Toddler

I have been researching double jogging strollers and could use some help from someone who actually owns one of these. I would love a BOB but have not been able to find a used one on craigslist yet. So I am looking at the Schwinn Free Wheeler 2, the Schwinn Turismo, the InStep Safari, and the Baby Trend. The measurements are not much help and I have not been able to see one in person. So here is my question...I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 13 month old. My 2 year old is very tall - she wear 3t-4t already. I am worried that she will be too big...

Double Strollers

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Double Jogging Stroller Recommendations

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a double jogging stroller for my 2 year old son - 28 lbs and his almost 4 month old brother - 16+ lbs. Thank you!

Jogging Strollers

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Recommendations for Good Jogging Stroller

We're looking at buying a jogging stroller and I'm interested in recommendations on ones that you've liked and would definitely recommend and also those that you didn't like and why... Thanks