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Silly Question - Quick Trips to Target, Etc

Fellow moms and I are discussing something (and a few dads are chiming in....) When you need to run into Target or a similar establishment to grab a few things and you are alone except for the kids, what do you do with the small baby? Leave him/her in the car seat and just carry the car seat in and put the seat in one of the carts? Haul the huge heavy stroller out and push him/her in that? Just carry him/her in your arms?

Double Strollers

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Which Double Stroller?

I'm looking to buy another double stroller and wanted to see what other moms recommended. Currently I have the Graco Duo Glider. It's a good stroller, but very heavy and bulky. I'm considering a Sit N Stand, Jeep Side-by-side Double Stroller, and/or Double Jogging stroller. The stroller would be used for my 5 month old and 2 year old (or 4 year old when he's tired). Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks.


Double Stroller ???

I just found out we're pregnant with #2!! My son will be almost 2 1/2 by...

Sit & Stand Strollers

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Sit -N- Stand Stroller

Please recommend your Sit-N-Stand Stroller, I have a Graco Snugride carseat that I would like for it to fit in. Any recommendations? Thanks


Sit 'N Stand Review

Does anyone have a double Sit 'n Stand stroller? If so, does it work for...


Sit N' Stand

I am pregnant with my second child and my son will be almost three when he...

Umbrella Strollers

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Does Anyone Love Their Umbrella Stroller?

I am looking for an everyday lightweight umbrella stroller. Any suggestions? It would be great if it folded easily. I am a first time mom and I have no clue if it's important for them to have a cup holder on the stroller as well. Thanks!