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Do We Need a Stroller....?

We are preparing to welcome our first child and are debating on whether we will need a stroller for our little one. The questions we keep asking ourselves is "When would we actually use a stroller?" I can't think of any specific times in the first 6 months when an infant seat or carrier wouldn't do the job. Any advice? Also, what Infant seats/strollers would you recommend? We would be looking for something very compact and lightweight. Does anyone have experience a Combi Travel System? Thanks!

Umbrella Strollers

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Light or Umbrella Stroller

I am looking for a nice (less than $100 or even less) stroller (light weight or umbrella) with a basket underneath for my 1 yr old. I am about 5'9. Any suggestions would be great. This is my third child and my other one is trashed so I only need it to get me through this baby (she is 1).