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Anyone Using Jogging Stroller?

I was wondering if any of you moms have used a jogging stroller? I am thinking of getting one but wondered if it's easy to use,etc. Can you really get a good jog in & maneuver the stroller at the same time?

Double Strollers

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Double Jogging Stroller Question!!

I started watching a little girl about a month ago. I myself have a 1 1/2 year old. I bought an Instep double jogging stroller on E-bay last week so that I could take them both out and about. The stroller is not bad but the front tire does not swivel. This makes it near impossible to turn the stroller. I've e-mailed the Instep Co. a couple times but have not heard back yet. I don't know if I could possibly buy a swivel tire kit or if I need to just purchase another stroller. I hate to waste the money but the stroller will only go...


Double Stroller ???

I just found out we're pregnant with #2!! My son will be almost 2 1/2 by...

Jogging Strollers

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Jogging Stroller Advice

i am the mother of a 2 month old and have been walking in my neighborhood for the past few weeks. i am hoping to increase to jogging in the near future, but find my standard stroller (a graco, part of a 'travel system') unwieldy for such things. i walk/jog in my neighborhood on smooth roads w/ occasional gravel. is a jogging stroller a good investment or a gimic?