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Toys for Car and Stroller

Can anyone recommend good toys for the car and stroller? My daughter who is 18 months does not like the carseat and stroller. I can never go on walks with her anymore because she cries and wants out after about 20 minutes ( and thats a long time). She does a little better in the wagon..With the carseat she is constantly arching. We are going on a long car trip for the first time in Nov. and I was thinking maybe if we gave her some new toys she would be a little better.

Umbrella Strollers

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Need Travel Advice for 1 Year Old

We are getting ready to take our first airplane trip with our daughter and really need some tips - Should I buy a ticket for the carseat or just hold her? What is safer? Should I take an umbrella stroller or her carseat with an adaptor? What do you do with the carseat situation if we have to take a cab or rent a car? What gear should I take for a beach vacation? Anything else? Thanks.