Strollers: Preschooler, Instep Safari

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Stroller for 3 Yo and 20 Mo Old?

Hello! I would like to start working out again and am pondering purchasing a jogging stoller. The thing is my girls are 3 years old and 20 mos. The 3 YO prefers to walk everywhere. But I am hoping to be able to go for a run then playground 2ce/week after school. They are in daycare fulltime so I cannot fathom spending $500-600 on a stroller that will probably only have 1 yr max of use on it. So, I am thinking of the instep double or maybe the baby jogger mini (for walks not runs), or maybe a bike trailer that converts to a stroller. ...

Double Strollers

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Double Stroller Reviews

Ladies, I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have a 2.5 yr old. I am looking into a double stroller and would like to hear what ones you recommend and why. Thanks!


Double Stroller Help

I have a 2 year old and am expecting my 2nd child. I know I will need a...

Jogging Strollers

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Recommendations for Good Jogging Stroller

We're looking at buying a jogging stroller and I'm interested in recommendations on ones that you've liked and would definitely recommend and also those that you didn't like and why... Thanks