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Stroller for Baby and Toddler

In January we will have a newborn and a 3yr old. I have been looking for a stroller that will accommodate both children. I have considered a sit and stand stroller that has a spot in the back for the 3yr old to sit or stand, my problem is that it doesn't seem very comfortable for a tired 3yr old. Are there any moms in a similar situation? If so what type of stroller has worked well for you?


Pack Pack Diaper Bag

I'm very disapointed in my Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack diaper bag that I...

Double Strollers

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Diaper Bag Recommendation

Hi, I have a 13 month old, and in January I will be having another baby. I really would like to get a new bigger, diaper bag. I currently have a bumble bag "jessica" bag (similar to petunia pickle bottom style). I like my bag but with it is nearly full with just the stuff for 1 baby plus my stuff. I use my diaper bag as my purse, so I am willing to spend a bit more $$$ to get something that works. Any suggestions????