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Flying with a Pack N Play

S.B. asks from Chicago

We're going to be flying with our 15 month old next month and would like to take our Pack N Play. I've never taken a Pack N Play on an airplane. Do I check it, or car...


Have You Ever Flown with a Pack 'N' Play?

C.K. asks from Chicago

We are flying out of town soon and are planning to bring my son's pack 'n' play for him to sleep in. Has anyone else done this? If so, do you check the pack 'n' pla...


Patching Pack N Play - Very Upset!

A.S. asks from Dallas

I woke up this morning to my 2 year old son poking holes into the mesh of our daughters brand new pack n play. There are now 6 holes!!!!! I am really upset because ...


Pack N Play or Co-sleeping

L.S. asks from New York

Hi All Mommies, My brain is on overload right now with all the products out there for babies. This is my first baby, and with so much info..........HELP Please. My b...


Ideas for Cleaning Rail Covers on Pack N Play

B.G. asks from Birmingham

I recently got a Pack N Play that was previously owned. It's in really great shape, but the fabric that covers the top rails is dirty. This play yard was used mainl...


Need Your Advice - How to "Train" 18 Mo Old to Sleep in Pack N Play?

M.O. asks from Chicago

Our son loves his crib. The last time we went on a long weekend vacation he slept horribly and consequently made us all miserable. We were exhausted, he was napping...


Stroller(s) the near Future.

A.N. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms.. Ok I'm a grandma to an active 11 month old Grandson.. who is soon to be a big brother..rather unexpectedly. Mommy is due in mid Dec..but just found out rece...


Looking for a Stroller Carrier

S.K. asks from Chicago

I am traveling to Florida in a few weeks and we plan on checking our stroller with the rest of our baggage. I am looking for a durable bag that will hold my stroller...


Mini Vacay with No Stroller????

M.. asks from Detroit

My baby is 2.5 months old and my husband doesnt want me to take the stroller! It really will take up too much space for much needed luggage. My friend and I have ...


Looking for Best Stroller for My Money

J.A. asks from New York

I am in the process of choosing a stroller for my baby due in August. I know I like trendy, light-weight strollers, hovewer the Peg Perego is so expensive and I have...