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What Age to Give up the Stroller?

So, I was reading the last question about strapping your child into the stroller or supermarket cart and it seemed that people were talking about 4 and 5 year olds strapping themselves into the stroller. The last time I used my stroller, my son was probably 16 months old. The last time I took it to the airport (the most walking we do at a quick pace) he was 18 months and we didn't use it. How long did you use a stroller?

Double Strollers

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Is There a Sippy Cup Out There That Doesn't Leak!!!????

OK, honestly, is there a good sippy cup out there that doesn't leak on a regular basis!!!??? I have spent a fortune on every sippy cup out there, and all of them either leak or drip! I have Avent, Nubby, Playtex, Straw cups, and Munchkin, and they all leak, mostly out of the air-valve. I know my 18 month is really rough on his cups, but still even if he just turns them side-ways sometimes leak! I like the Gerber cup for the non-leak factor, but they are so hard to clean with that little ball on the valve.... anyway, just wondering if...


Totally in Shock

ok- so I found out last week that I am pregnant again. I am in complete...

Sit & Stand Strollers

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Sit N' Stand Vs. Double Stroller

Hi Moms! We are about to have our 2nd child, and need to get either a sit and stand or a double stroller. My son is 2 and a half and we are very active....I know he can walk, but for longer vacations and things, we need a new stroller. Please let me know which you prefer and why....I need some pros and cons of each. For the double stroller, I don't like the wide ones, so it would be one where they sit behind one another. Thanks! H.

Umbrella Strollers

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Help! New Mom to Be Looking for Advice.

I'm looking for any advice and recommendations from all of you moms out there. This is our first child and I'm not sure which items I should buy or avoid. I'd particulary like info on: Bottles & Breastpumps I plan on trying to breastfeed and pump, since I will be returning to work. I know I was a baby who was prone to colic, so I want to make sure I get some good bottles that help to limit this. Strollers & Carseats I've been eyeballing the Graco Quattro travel system. I have a big SUV, so getting the stroller in and out of the...