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Should I Get Double Stroller?

A.U. asks from Detroit

I recently asked a question about recommendations on a travel system for my 3rd baby girl due Oct 23rd......but I've been thinking....Should I be getting a double str...


Need New Umbrella stroller...suggestions?

S.M. asks from Omaha

I am in need of a new umbrella stroller. It needs to be easy to fold and lightweight for traveling. I would like to stay under $100. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I Need Advice on the Best Tricycle or Riding Toy to Buy.

E.W. asks from Dayton

My daughters trike broke earlier today and I can't seem to fix it. My husband and I decided to buy her a new one. I was curious if any other moms out there have recen...


Double Stoller Suggestions

M.K. asks from Indianapolis

Hello Everyone! This could be a dumb question but, I am getting ready to purchase my sister a double stoller for baby #2. She has a 1 1/2 year old and is due in thr...


Need Help Organizing Toys

A.S. asks from Cincinnati

my daughter just turned 2 this weekend and I have been trying to figure out how to grganize her toys (expecually with all the new stuff she got). she does have one o...


Need Birthday Gift Idea for 3 Year Old Girl

M.M. asks from Detroit

Hello, What's the latest cool things 3 year old girls like these days? I'm at a bit of a loss since my girl is now 8!! Thanks! M. M.


Can Anyone Recommend a Good, Reasonably Priced Bicycle Trailer?

J.S. asks from Saginaw

My son is 5, so not able to readily keep up to my 11 year old, and I when we go for a long distance ride. My daughter is 22months. I'd love to find a trailer to acc...


Family Vacation in July

J.H. asks from Detroit

Family is thinking of taking vacation in late july. Baby will be 17 months. Any suggestions?


Shopping with Car Seat

M.C. asks from Detroit

I am a new mom who has the Chicco travel system. My question is that when I need to take my son with the car seat on to a shopping cart and into a store, this car sea...


Recommended Doll for Boy?

L.H. asks from Detroit

Do you think I should look for a boy doll for my son, or does it really matter if it's pink or boy or whatever? your thoughts?