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Snowy Dirty Stroller in Back of SUV - Tips to Avoid Mess???

Hi everyone. Just at the mall this week with my little back to the car and realized how yucky the stroller wheels were. With all the "newness" that being a first-time mommy brings, I hadn't anticipated this! Any creative ideas out there so the back of the car doesn't get all dirty each and every time??

Double Strollers

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Double Jog Strollers -Advice

Hi all! I am a runner by nature and now that I have 2 children to run with I am finding the double stroller I have a bit ..well, not worthy. The two children are an active 3yr old boy (so a 5pt harness is required!) and an active 14mn girl who eventually will take after her brother. Anyway, does anyone have any advice with actual use a serious double jog stroller that can meet the 5miles/day that I want to put on it?