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Stroller or No Stroller?

My husband, daughter and I ar flying to Disney World on Saturday. We've got a 3 hour lay-over in Dallas. We're going to be using the car seat for our 2yo on the airplane. We're undecided on whether to take a stroller or not. We're meeting my in-laws there, so we'll have them to help carry Penny if she gets tired at DW, and we could always rent a stroller there. But I was thinking more about the airport. We're going to have a tired 2yo and a car seat to lug around. Should we bring a stroller so that it can either carry her or the...

Double Strollers

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Double Stroller Recommendations

I was wondering what other moms recommend for a double stroller. I have a 2 1/2 year old and will have a newborn next month. I was considering the sit and stand stroller, but I don’t know anyone who has one. Which do like best side-by-side, front and back or sit and stand? Thanks in advance for you suggestions!


Double Stroller ???

I just found out we're pregnant with #2!! My son will be almost 2 1/2 by...

Sit & Stand Strollers

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Seeking Info on Sit N Stand Strollers

Hi, I have a 3 yr old son who's turning 4 soon. I'm expecting a baby in November and I've been thinking about purchasing a Sit N Stand type stroller. Has anyone used it and how do you like it? I think it's a neat product, but I hear that it's much bigger than a single stroller and harder to manouver. My son seems to want to ride on it right now, but I don't even know if he would sit in it once we own it. A friend of mine said she preferred to just carry the baby and let the older one sit in the stroller when the older one needed to sit. I...

Umbrella Strollers

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Car Seat and Umbrella Stroller

My son is seven months old and he has outgrown his infant car seat. He is 19 lbs and 29 ½ inches long. Can anyone recommend a good car seat and an umbrella stroller? Thank you!