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Chicco or Combi?

I am having a hard time deciding which carseat/stroller combo I want. I originaly fell in love with the Chicco Cortina/keyfit travel system. My one major concern is that it might be too bulky/heavy. The other travel system I have looked at is Combi's tri-fold. I like that it is small and compact but worry about it's durablity/stroage compacity. Any suggestions?

Double Strollers

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Maclaren Triumph Vs. Combi Twin Sport Stroller?

Hi Moms, My daughter turned 2 years old last week, and I am expecting my second child (boy) in two days.... so my kids will be almost exactly two years apart. I'm looking for a double "umbrella type" stroller. I am considering the Maclaren Triumph or the Combi Twin Sport. Has anyone used either (or both) of these? If so, which would you recommend? My specific questions are: -How well does each one fold up? -Sturdiness? -What is the weight of each stroller? -Can you feel the difference between the kids in the side by...


Double Stroller ???

I just found out we're pregnant with #2!! My son will be almost 2 1/2 by...

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Twin Stroller Recommendations

I have a friend who is pregnant with twin boys and is stroller shopping. She was hoping to find a dual stroller that would accommodate the car seats as well. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

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Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Does anyone use the sit n stand double stroller? I cannot make up my mind if I should get the double stroller or the sit n stand stroller. On the sit n stand did your toddler stay in place or was it a constant battle to get them to stay in that space while moving? Is it safe? If you use the traditional double, is it bulky and hard to manage? Thanks Ladies!


Sit & Stand

With Christmas shopping season, I realize it is now time to ditch my double...

Umbrella Strollers

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Good Quality Umbrella Stroller- Maclaren, Uppa Baby, Combi??

Would like feedback on a good quality umbrella stroller. I have been looking at all price ranges but have eliminated down to 3- the Maclaren Volo, Uppa Baby G-lite, or Combi Helio. I am not set on these but from my research thus far they seem pretty solid. I am traveling overseas for a couple weeks and need something that's easy to fold up and take out, light weight, sturdy (want it to last), and easy to maneuver. And of course, a bonus if it doesn't cost a fortune! I appreciate your feedback!


Chicco or Combi?

I am having a hard time deciding which carseat/stroller combo I want. I...