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Toys for Car and Stroller

Can anyone recommend good toys for the car and stroller? My daughter who is 18 months does not like the carseat and stroller. I can never go on walks with her anymore because she cries and wants out after about 20 minutes ( and thats a long time). She does a little better in the wagon..With the carseat she is constantly arching. We are going on a long car trip for the first time in Nov. and I was thinking maybe if we gave her some new toys she would be a little better.

Umbrella Strollers

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What's the Best Inexpensive Stroller for Traveling?

Hi moms, We are traveling out of state for a wedding and will be taking our 7 month old with us. The current stroller we have is huge, heavy and impractical. (It was a poor purchase overalll.) I'm considering getting a smaller stroller that we could take with us on the trip. We will be involved in wedding activities all weekend, and unfortunately she is going to have to sleep on the fly sometimes. We will also be going to the Mall of America one day, and having her in the carrier seems impractical if I'm trying on clothes. We are not...