Strollers: Baby Bjorn

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Baby Bjorn

Hello, The pediatrician mentioned that my 3 1/2 month old baby is developing a slightly flat head in the back. She suggested that when he's awake to try to avoid having him lay flat on his back. For example, when we're at the mall, etc. put him in the Bjorn rather than in his car seat attached to the stroller. The problem is, I find the Baby Bjorn to be very uncomfortable after a short time. I've had neck/upper back problems in the past. The Baby Bjorn aggravates these areas. Am I wearing it incorrectly...too high, possibly? I've...


Is Baby Bjorn Bad??

I just read in someone else's post that she was looking for a new carrier...

Double Strollers

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Double Stroller???

I have a little boy who will be two in june and a baby coming in august,I am wondering with kids spaced this far is a double stroller worth the money? Wondering how to keep both kids in control if i decide not to get a double stroller. Any advice would be great!!!!! thanks

Sit & Stand Strollers

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Sit N Stand Stroller - for What Age?

My son is 25 months old, and my 2nd is due any day. I like the idea of the Sit n Stand Stroller, but is my toddler too young for it? He is an active little boy, so in some ways it would be nice that he could easily get off the stroller and walk/run. But I'm afraid he'd be jumping off when I need him to stay on the stroller! TIA for your thoughts.


Double Stroller???

I have a little boy who will be two in june and a baby coming in august,I am...

Umbrella Strollers

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Umbrella Stroller

Hey Moms Is there such a thing as a Cadillac Umbrellla Stroller. I ready to retire my huge Carseat holding baby stroller. I want something easy to use that can still hold bags underneath. Is there such a thing or should I just go Jogger???? Your insight means a lot Thanks, New Momma


Stroller Advice

I am going to be a first time mom and I need advise stroller recommendations...