Strep Infections

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Any Experiences with a Child Having Tonsils and Anenoids Removed?

B.C. asks from Joplin

Hello, my four year old goes in for surgery to have his tonsils and anenoids removed and new tubes put in his ears. We have been through the tubes before, as he has h...


Tonsils and Adenoids Out with Ear Tubes

D.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Mommys, my 5 1/2 year old daughter has been suffering with recurrent ear infections. She has never had any issuses with throat infections like strep of tonsillitis...


Would like to Hear About Experiences with 1) Tubes in Ears 2) Tonsils Removed...

A.P. asks from Austin

My daughter has frequent ear infections (both ears approx. every 4 months or so) and strep throat (alternating every 4 months or so). So we're sick and at the dr. ev...


Reasons Not to Have Adenoids Removed?

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

My son [almost 3 now] started having ear infections as soon as he started attending daycare. After infection after infection, I finally made the decision to have tube...


Feedback on Removal of Adenoids and Tonsils

S. asks from Chicago

My son had ear tubes put in exactly one year ago and I received amazing feedback from other mommies and I am looking for some of that good stuff again. My 2 1/2 litt...


16 Yr Old Had Tonsils & Adnoids Removed

S.B. asks from Sherman

Ok my daughter is 16 yrs old, she had her tonsils and adnoids removed a week ago today. She has been taking her medications has prescribed and her pain medicine as w...


My Daughter Has HUGE Tonsils

D.H. asks from Santa Fe

My 22 month old daughter has had a few issues since birth. Her most recent is the fact that all winter long her tonsils have just been humongous and very red. To me ...


Info on Having Tonsils Taken Out

A.R. asks from Parkersburg

Hello, my name is A. and I have custody of my nephew, almost 8 yrs old. he has to have his tonsils out next month. Is there anyone out there who has gone through th...


Tubes, Adenoids and Tonsils??? What Should I Do?

V.K. asks from Sacramento

OK ... Lord this week has been stressful.... I haven't even gotten into doing the worm thing yet with my daughter LOL. I took her to the ENT dr today because her...


Anyone Had Tonsils Out After Age 30?

B.W. asks from Minneapolis

I've been having tons of problems with my throat in the last year, and I was supposed to have my tonsils out as a child, but some other things came up and it never ha...