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Repair of Old Microwace Oven

J.P. asks from Fresno

I have a 30-year-old Sharp Carousel microwave which has worked like a charm all this time. Now the timer won't move. In a microwave of this age, the timer is a dial...


Cleaning Towelette Fell down Oven Vent

M.T. asks from Chicago

I was cleaning my stove top with a Kirkland Household Surface cleaning Towelette and it fell down the oven vent. I can't see it or feel it. Is it okay to leave it i...


Toaster Oven for Fish Sticks

T.M. asks from Columbus

Hi everyone. One of my kids eats fish sticks almost every night. So I'm thinking about getting a toaster oven to make his 5 fish sticks instead of using the gas oven ...


Double Oven W/ Convection Vs. Standard Oven W/ Convection

S.W. asks from Kansas City

I have been trying to figure out which oven I would like better. The double oven would not be wall mounted, so it will be lower to the ground and each oven will have...


Christmas Working Oven!

K.R. asks from Dallas

Hi moms...We were blessed with a small ham for Christmas but the home we live in does not have a working oven or a working fridge, (cannot get the landlord to fix the...


Slow Cooking in the Oven?

C.A. asks from Portland

If I have a recipe for a slow cooker but want to use a deep dish covered baker (pampered chef) can I make it in the oven? What would my conversion be? I don't have a ...


Pulled Pork in the Oven?

A.C. asks from Sarasota

I'm kitchen challenged, but I do my best. :). My crockpot isn't working and I am wanting to make pulled pork in my oven. Is it possible? What temperature and for h...


Self-Cleaning Oven?

C.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Ladies, I am not sure what to do - I have a self cleaning oven in serious need of cleaning before the holidays. However, the odor is so bad while it is cleaning!...


Need to Buy New Stove - Recommendations?

D.W. asks from Phoenix

Hello! Our stove apparently shorted out last night during cooking (scary!) It came with the house, so it was at least 10 years old and we will not look into repai...


Slide-in Single Oven Range vs Double Oven Freestanding Range

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

We are getting our kitchen redone and are trying to decide on which range to get. I really like the double oven since most of the time, I'm really only using the oven...