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Stove Top Cleaner

L.M. asks from Chicago

I have an almond colored porcelain stove and for the life of me I cannot get the area under the grates cleaned, I have a black circle around the middle that will not ...


How to Remove Pledge on Stove and Counters?

L.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi, just moved into a cute little condo, however whom ever lived here before, it looks they used Pledge? on the black top of the stove and on the dark laminate counte...


Searching for a Good Stove Cleaner

M.C. asks from Cleveland

Good Morning Mammas, I am in desperate need of a good cleaner for our stove. It is about 5 years old and I admit that I have not kept up on it. Over the past wee...


Leaving the House While the Oven Is On

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - I know this sounds like a basic question, but is it ok to leave the house while cooking something in the oven (even as I type it, I feel like it is a ridic...


Cleaning Flat Top Stove

I.*. asks from Columbus

I can never seem to keep the top of our flat top stove clean. There are marks from water boiling over when we are making pasta then it burns on. I can't get those mar...


Easy Bake Oven

J.S. asks from San Antonio

I'm thinking about getting my 8 year old daughter and easy bake oven for Christmas this year. I vaguely remember my sister having one as a kid and we had fun playing ...


Do You Use Your Toaster Oven Often?

M.C. asks from Detroit

I have a toaster oven that I store away. I want to keep it on my counter and use it more. The problem is that the only thing I know what to use it for is to toast s...


Need a Good Oven Clearn

R.A. asks from Indianapolis

Hi moms out there. I'm looking for a natural oven cleaner. I don't want to use something that is full of chemicals so I need some help from other moms who have foun...


Need a New Oven, Anyone Have One They Just Love and Had Good Luck With

C.K. asks from Kansas City

My oven has quit working and no longer can get the needed part to fix. I would like your opinions if you have one you really love or hate so I can figure out what to ...


Know Anyone Who Needs a Gas Stove?

G. asks from Chicago

When we bought our house in 2003, there was an extra gas stove in the basement storage area. From what I can tell, it's never or rarely been used. It's not hooked u...