Stopping Co-Sleeping

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Transition from Family Bed for 3 Year Old

S.H. asks from Seattle

I am wondering if there are any single parents out there who can put in their two cents. I am a single mom. My daughter is 3 and 1/2 we've been sleeping in the same b...


Mamma's Boy Has Sever Separation Anxiety, Still Nursing and Co-sleeping

J.H. asks from San Francisco

My son has sever separation anxiety and has no interest in stopping nursing. He is 18 months and the younger of two children. When he goes to daycare he is fine with...


Nightmares, Family Bed, Spitup, Oh My!

M.P. asks from Chicago

Ok I want an hooonest answer. Do any of you sleep actually with your baby in your bed with you? I've read sources that say it causes SIDS, others that say it preven...


Family Bed and Now We Need the Kids Out

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 year old has been in bed since birth he knows no other bed. My 2 year old was in the bed and then a crib for awhile but is know in bed with me and her brother my...


Are My 2 Year Old's Sleeping Problems CAUSED by Cosleeping or Are They Separate?

L.B. asks from New York

I have been co-sleeping with my son since he was a baby. Quite honestly, I took the path of least resistance because I was so tired, and I breastfed until 20 months ...


Co-sleepers -- Your Experience

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Well, our guy is 1-year old, and though we never meant for it to happen, we have become co-sleepers. My question is not about the merits (or lack of) co-sleeping. F...


Family Bed

A.K. asks from Jacksonville

Does anyone have any advice on getting rid of the "Family Bed"? Our son, Landon, just turned 18 months old yesterday and we're sick of the family bed. Our bed isn't m...


Ready to End Cosleeping Arrangement

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

I have been cosleeping with my child for too long. Anyone out there have any good tips on how to move out of the room and start a new arrangement?


Seeking Advice on Transitioning 10 Month Old Daughter from Family Bed to Crib

S.D. asks from Miami

My 10 month old daughter is currently sleeping on our family bed and I'd like to get her to sleep in her crib. It was mostly out of convenience that I brought her int...


How to Stop Breastfeeding..? and Other...

A.K. asks from Houston

I'm a stay at home 1st time mom to a beautiful 14,5 months old litlle boy. As a time goes by, I see some mistakes that I've made from the begining and now looking for...