Stomach Virus: Aveeno

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Strange Rash with Fever

A.R. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies, I am hoping to get some feedback from some of you, My daughter broke out on sunday with her cheeks looking brite red, by monday afternoon she had a temp of...


3 Yr Old Daughter Has Really Bad Rash on Her Body!

J.B. asks from Washington DC

My daughter has always had what the doctors said is eczema since the time she was born. So I have used any and all lotions (Aquaphor,hydrocortizone cream,eucerin,avee...


Advise on Reaction or Viral

P.S. asks from Springfield

My 6year old daughter had a staph infection from a blister on her heel. They gave her keflex. Shes allergic to amoxicillin. A few days after being on Keflex she star...


Son Broke Out with the Hives???

K.S. asks from Huntsville

my 3 year old has been sick for about 2 weeks now and the first time we took him to the dr. a little over a week ago they said he just had a cold and he would be fine...


Anyone Heard of This Before???

H.L. asks from Austin

My daughter had a rash that started about three days ago. We noticed it one evening and gave her some benadryl, she went to bed, woke up and it was gone. Then it retu...


Neck Bumps

C. asks from Atlanta

Anybody have a remedy for neck bumps? my son has tried hydracotizone and other remedies but nothing works. Any suggestions?


Pityriasis Rosea RASH

L.S. asks from Eugene

Has anyone ever experience this type of rash? My son who is 7 months old. It started off in the middle of June as one big patch on his nipple then by the time we go...


2 Yr Old Has Tiny Red Bumps All over Chest and Upper Back

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

A few weeks ago i noticed some tiny red bumps on the back of my 2 yr old sons neck. assumed it was heat rash and thought nothing of it. Then just last night i notice...



J.J. asks from St. Louis

My 5 yr old is allergic to alot of trees, grass, pollen, mold, ect. The only thing that has really happened in the past is the sneezing, breathing iritations, and som...


Chicken Pox and Medication

A.C. asks from Boca Raton

Hi! Today my daughter broke out with what we believe to be the chicken pox. We are all fine with it and consider it part of growing up. I brought her to the dr thi...