Step Parents Adopting

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K.W. asks from Spokane

I am engaged to be married in July and my fiancee wants to adopt my son. My sons real father is nowhere to be found. Does anybody know how long the adoption process t...


Can a Stepparent Adoption Be Reveresed

K.S. asks from Miami

I left my son biological father when was 7 months old. I tried to get his biological father involved in his life after leaving him he failed after a year of trying. I...



L.I. asks from Tuscaloosa

Do I need an attorney to adopt my step-child? The bio-mom is willing to give up her rights .


Looking for Information on Stepchild Adoption

J.T. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have information on the costs/procedures associated with stepchild adoption? Advice? Contested or uncontested. Even a website. There is plenty of info...


Step Child Adoption

M.E. asks from Chicago

Hello all, Has anyone gone through step-child adoption? I'm wondering about process, fees, and the need for an attorney. This would most likely be a short and sw...


Stepchild Adoption

A.W. asks from Oklahoma City

Good Morning all!! Here I am again with another life question!! I will try to give you the most info without writing a book!! Ok I am married to a wonderful man, I ...


What Are the Limitations on Step-Parenthood?

J.H. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, I posted a question about name change/adoption and was told I was misinformed (I did not know you can have a step child on your medical insurance). What...


Changing Child's Name & Adoption Rights with Sole Legal Custody?

J.H. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, I'm thinking of changing my daughter's name (along with mine) after I get married. For background, he is a wonderful (step-)father and bio dad is out of...


Anyone Know About Adoption?

T.S. asks from Dayton

My husband has been around since my son was 8 months old (he's now 7). My son's real father hasn't seen him since he was 2 (5 years ago!). My son calls my husband 'da...


Seeking Legal Advice on Adoption....

C.D. asks from Atlanta

I have 2 young children from a previous relationship and their biological father has never been around. My now husband would like to adopt them but we have no clue a...