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What Kind of Socks Do You Prefer? Seriously!!

R.D. asks from Richmond

I hate wearing socks... but it's cold :( I normally steal a pair of my husbands high white socks... they go up to my knees :) In high school I loved those sup...


Can Schools Require Social Security Cards?

D.S. asks from Dallas

I am moving my girls into a new school in the fall. It is NOT a private school, but it is a charter school. Charter schools do receive government funding, and there...


Woman Made Her Kid Wear a Sign in Public............

A.G. asks from Houston

I saw it on the news this morning, a single Australian mom made her10 year old son wear a sign that read ""Do not trust me. I will steal from you as I am a thief". He...


Book(s) for a 9 1/2 Year Old Boy

C.Z. asks from New York

Hello wise and helpful sisters, I am a nurse practitioner who will be serving as psychotherapist for a nine-and-a-half year old boy for the next few months; and I wo...


Wii or Playstation 3??

L.F. asks from Kansas City

My children are getting older and we are considering purchasing a gaming system for Christmas for our family so I'm trying to research them now that way I can know ho...


6 Year Old Theif

J.H. asks from Fort Wayne

My 6 year old step daughter has turned into a thief. She will steal things and then lie about it. It's not stealing from a store, but things from her brother/sister...


Such a Random Question (Work Lunch)

S.F. asks from Utica

I was/ am on Pinterest and I just saw a funny but very gross idea that is designed to prevent ppl from stealing your lunch - at work I would assume. They are baggies...


2 Late Teen Boys - Arghhhhh!

R.W. asks from Cleveland

I have to vent more than query...I'd love to hear more resolutions because I keep telling myself this shall pass... 19 year old "bombed out" of a good college opportu...


Blanket Hogging?

M.F. asks from Phoenix

Kind of a random question, but I wondered how many couples in king-sized beds have issues with blanket hogging? I'm specifically thinking about king-sized beds, beca...


7 Year Old Stealing

K.C. asks from New York

My step daughter has been getting caught taking things from stores and from family memebers. My husband and i sat down with bio-mom and step-dad for two hours trying...