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Hitting at School

M.L. asks from Houston

Another child spit at my son and tried to steal his crayons from his desk while my son was coloring his letter sheet. So, my kindergartner slapped him across the chee...


Uncontrollable Lies....

A.V. asks from Detroit

I received an email from my daughter's math teacher this morning letting me know that she hasn't been turning in a vast majority of her homework. Her reason for this?...


Toddler Having Serious Tantrums over Food Portions

S.T. asks from Tampa

hi ladies, I am not even sure how to describe what we are dealing with but I have twin boys who are almost 23 months old. One of them is having serious tantrums abou...


Need Help Finding My Footing

S.L. asks from Dallas

so both boys are in school all day long now. from 9 am to 6 pm, atleast 3 days a week, the house just has me and the pets. frankly i'm bored. you can only clean so...


Do All Dogs Do This? Kinda Jff/kinda Venting

A.M. asks from Kansas City

i love my dog, don't get me wrong. we get along great now that we are treadmill buddies :) (i go, then she goes, every day! lol) BUT something that drives me nuts...


Extreme Couponing Vent...Etiquette

J.T. asks from Little Rock

This isn't a real "question" per se, but I am so sick of this! I know times are really hard in the world, and I am sure it saves folks a lot of money, however I think...


Family Friends with Herpes Simplex 1

A.L. asks from Burlington

What would you do? We have great friends with whom we swap childcare on a weekly basis--their two kids come here for a day (sometimes even overnight) and our two kids...


Am I Being Ridiculous?

M.R. asks from Dallas

Hi mama's! A co-worker of my husbands walked into his cubicle area and asked if anyone wanted his small ATV. My husband said...Yes, I'll take it! After he sai...


A Question for Mothers of TWINS...

M.G. asks from Cleveland

My twin girls, Sadie and Cecelia, are 10 1/2 months old now. They are crawling around and getting into everything. For x-mas we got a gated baby play yard (one of the...


How to Prevent Drunk Driving

K.S. asks from Denver

Hi mamas, I'm hoping some of you have done something or have ideas. It has always bugged me when we have people over or we're at other places with friends and I see s...