Staying Organized

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6Th Grader Needs to Get Organized

D.C. asks from College Station

My 11-year-old is now in 6th Grade and is has had a problem with staying organized between home and school. I've wracked my brain and I've asked him about what he thi...


Help Me Get More Organized

A.P. asks from Birmingham

Hi Ladies, New Stay at Home Mom here! I have been offficial for 1 month. I can not keep my house picked up now that we are all here during the day. My husband con...


Organized Mammas -Please Share Your Tactics and Tips for Time Management

M.M. asks from Denver

I always seem to be 10 minutes late everywhere, all the time. I cannot stand it anymore but I just cannot seem to get everything done despite being late. Organized ma...


Middle Sch Homework Probs - How to Teach Organization?

A.B. asks from Charlotte

I've been reading other posts about homework probs ...


Starting Organized Sports/activities So Young

T.W. asks from Syracuse

I have a pretty athletic little guy who I've tried signing up for organized activities (soccer, sports class thru rec, swimming) but he just never seems to be that in...


Getting Organized to Homeschool

C.J. asks from Youngstown

I have asked about homeschooling in the past, I looked into the O.V.A and I am satisfied with the curriculum.. Heres my question.. For those of you who homeschool, an...


GETTING & STAYING ORGANIZED / Nursery Sch. & Kind. Notices

B.P. asks from New York

Hi All.....this Sept. my 2.5 yr. old daughter started Nursery School 2 mornings a week. My older daughter 5 also started kindergarten. I'm a recently divorced mo...


How to Keep House Clean, Organized, W/ 5 Kids

E.T. asks from Provo

Hi all. I am in a bit of a rut and need some much needed advice. I am a SAHM and I work part time from home. I have 5 kids ages range from 9 to 1 yrs. The oldest 3...


Organizing Time and Cleaning

A.F. asks from New York

My question is it seems like I am having a hard time getting any cleaning done when my daughter naps. Part of the reason for this is that she usually only naps for fo...


Organized Activities and 3 Year Old Boys

L.D. asks from Dallas

So my husband got the email from a friend, "Hey! Our son and the kids in his preschool are going to be on a 3 year old soccer team. Do you want to sign your son up?" ...