Staying Organized: Infant

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Panicing About New Baby...

B.S. asks from Kansas City

Maybe this is more of a need to vent to women who understand, I don't know. I'm 36 weeks pregnant right now and am recently overwhelmed with anxiety. First, not k...


Returning to Work After Baby Is Born

A.E. asks from Colorado Springs

Hello, I am due at the end of May and am trying to figure out the best maternity leave plan. My husband and I really need the 2 incomes and I only have about 4 weeks ...


Need Advice and Tips

A.W. asks from Tulsa

I'm new to mamasource. I'm finding it difficult to maintain a clean, neat, organized home. Before I had my new son who is now 8 months old, I worked full-time. I am ...


Toddler & Infant Going to Disney, Any Advice?

J.W. asks from Charleston

Hi Moms, We are planning a trip to Disney World with our little ones and wondered if there is any advice. I was wondering small things like if I can take our str...


Our First Trip with Baby on a Plane

M.N. asks from Chicago

Ok, well my little sister is grad from college and we are going to fly to AZ to watch her on her big day. Well, this will be my first time flying with baby. So help...


Another Baby Dies in Hot Car:(

M.B. asks from Tampa

a Arizona 3 month old died after the "father" left him in the car to go get high...this breaks my heart hearing about these stories! and to hear a former friend justi...


Returning to Work After Baby.

H.W. asks from Albany

Hi guys, I'm 22, and I have a wonderful 8 week old little girl. I'm thinking about going back to work one day a week in the next couple of weeks. My reasons are a...


Seeking Advise Re Baby's Separation Anxiety

C.L. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is 7 months old and is under a nanny's care who recently just gave up on us because of her crying episodes. According to my nanny she's been spoiled from...


Second Baby- What Did Others Do with the First?

L.W. asks from Kansas City

Hi Everyone, I am due with my second child in May. My first just turned 18-months and will be 21-months-old if I have the second baby when he's due. I am very conc...


Has Anyone Used a Professional Organizer?

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

We moved into our house when my son was one month old but between work, spending time with my family, and keeping up with housework, I STILL have a lot of organizing ...