Staying Motivated: Weight Watchers

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Weight Do~or Not~to Do???

Hello everyone, I'm looking for honest opinions about the weight watchers program. I'm trying to loose about 50-60 pounds gradually(not a fad diet or anything unhealthy). Lately I"ve seen many weight watchers commercials showing good results, but I'm not sure if there real or not. Has anyone joined weight watchers or know someone who has? Thanks in advance for the advice.


Weight Watchers ...

I'm having a real tough time controlling my eating habits lately. I know I...


Give Me Motivation!

I can't seem to motivate myself to exercise. I see good results from just a...


I Need Motivation

I wonder if anyone has been stuck in a "rut" after having a baby. How do...

Personal Trainers

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Weight Watchers Diet

I started weight watchers one month ago. The first week I lost 5 lbs. the last three weeks nothing. I started exercise the 2nd week, still no loss. I am sticking to my points. What am I doing wrong? B.

Workout Buddy

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Need to Lose 10 Lbs. Weight Watchers Or ??

Hi Moms, I want to lose the 10 pounds (or so) that have been hanging around since winter 2010! I'm terrible at dieting. I used to be able to just cut back a bit and lose the weight, but as I get older that's tougher. Do any of you recommend Weight Watchers or another diet that has really worked for you? How is WW different than just doing your own portion control and cutting back? I'm interested in something like South Beach, too, b/c it seems so effective, but I'm not great at cutting out foods I love, especially when I'm making them...


Work Out Buddy

Hey, i'm a new single parent. I've spent the last few years at home and...