Staying in Bed & Monsters

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C.B. asks from St. Louis

Hello ladies, I am having some sleep issues and I was hoping for some advice from those of you who went through this. I am 18 weeks pregnant and have absolutely no t...


Need Help Getting My 3 1/2 Y/o Daughter to Sleep!!

C.S. asks from Chicago

I have a 3 1/2 y/o daughter who doesn't like to sleep. She takes about a 2 hr nap at the sitters house but not without a struggle to get her to sleep. At night time b...



A.G. asks from Dallas

My son will be 2 at the end of Dec. For the past week he will not sleep in his bed at all not unless i am sleeping with him. He will be completely asleep and i will...


My 3 Year Old Daughter Has Become a Terror at Night and in the Morning

A.B. asks from Portland

My normally sweet little girl throws huge tantrums at bedtime and in the morning. This is new. She kicks, screams and fights every step of the way. She fights about w...


Help with Night Waking

D.G. asks from Miami

Hello moms! I always read mamasource, and I love it! I have never asked a question though, and now that I am having an issue, I figure, who better than the smartest...


Sleep Issues

A.C. asks from Austin

I need help! My 3 and 5 year old girls are not sleeping through the night. They used to be great sleepers, but lately they wake up several times a night and creep in...


Covering Face While Falling Asleep

J.M. asks from Seattle

My 2 and 1/2 year old daughter has been covering her face up at night with her blankets to fall asleep. We have a very consistent bedtime routine; bath time, story t...


Help I'm Having a Lot of Issues with My Almost 3 Year Old!!

S.P. asks from Sacramento

I have no clue what to do about my toddler fighting her sleep and just her behavior in general. She takes long naps during the day and often won't wake up until 6pm o...


3Year Old Not Wanting to Sleep Alone

T.B. asks from Raleigh

Ive pretty much been alone with dad very little in the picture, however my soon to be 3 year old has always been clingy to me and still refuses to sleep in his own be...


Scared Two-year-old!

D.S. asks from Lubbock

My son is two and a half and this summer he has started expressing to my husband and I at bedtime that he is scared. He mostly says he's scared of the trees. So we fi...