Staying in Bed & Monsters: Child

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Bedtime Woes

R.C. asks from Jackson

Our two boys (4 years old and 2 1/2 years old) have been sharing a room since late last year (just before our daughter was born) and while things started out really w...


5 y.o. Bedtime Anxiety- Help!!

K.L. asks from Cleveland

My 5 year old son has always gone to bed on his own, with the usual bedtime routine of bath, reading books, prayer, kisses and good nights, no problem. In December, ...


Out of My Bed!!!!

R.R. asks from Los Angeles

I need help getting my 2 boys out of my bed and in to theirs. They have their own bedroom but refuse to sleep in it. We have put them to bed in their room and somet...


Help with Kids Ot Staying in Bed at Night!!!!!

H.S. asks from New York

I have 2 kids, both 3. Son (9/7/03) and daughter (11/11/02). Neither of them will STAY in bed all night. They both wander into our room, most times just sneaking i...


Separation Anxiety at Bedtime

L. asks from Dallas

Help! My 4 year old refuses to go to sleep alone in his room & wants me to stay with him. He has slept alone in his room his whole life, but every couple of months ...


Looking for an Answer to Bedtime

V.B. asks from Grand Junction

My two and a half year old has always been a good sleeper. We've had a night time routine that consisted of a bath, then reading, then lights out. Since he turned o...


Need Help - 5 Year Old Is Afraid to Sleep in Her Room!

D.J. asks from Kansas City

My daughter turns five next week. We have had a smooth, easy bedtime routine up until two weeks ago. While at a friends house, she watched a few minutes of a kids m...


Bedtime Wars

T.G. asks from Canton

i need advice on getting my 4 year old to sleep in her own bed, she will sleep on the couche but not in her bed. the doctor said to sit with her till she falls aslee...


Toddler That Does Not Have a Bedtime

J.B. asks from Provo

We go through the same fight every night and our 3 year old won't go to bed. I have stopped getting upset and angry and now I just laugh. But it is getting pretty exh...


Bed Time

K.C. asks from Washington DC

okay here is my question. I bought Princess beds for my one year old and 3 year old. Neither one will sleep through the night. "mommy I'm scared, coming into our room...