Staying Hydrated: Preschooler

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Getting Fluids Down

T.M. asks from Portland

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was hospitalized for a few days but came home today. She won't take any fluids. My sister is desper...


My 3 Year Old Is Constipated

M.H. asks from Cincinnati

Hi there, I have a problem that I need help with. I have a 3 year old girl who has been potty trained, but is having trouble going potty for #2. She states that she ...



M.H. asks from Lincoln

So this may be a little TMI, but I just need some advice. My daughter has had MAJOR diarrhea since Tuesday (so for about 4 days) to the point where in almost every di...



G.C. asks from Lancaster

I'm calling it diarrhea, but it might just be 'watery stools'. Anyway, my youngest son, 4, has had really runny, watery stools since Wednesday (it's now Sunday). Hi...


Grey Green Diarrhea in 3 Year Old

R.F. asks from Dallas

I am babysitting my 3 year old niece this weekend and am concerned. She woke up tonight crying (in pain) tossing and turning. She finally went to the bathroom and had...


Toddler Diarrhea

L.K. asks from Savannah

My 20 mth. old has had diarrhea now for almost two weeks. She shows no signs of being sick in any way except her BMs are loose. Her pediatrician has her on the BRAT d...


Toddler Diarrhea?

J.M. asks from Scranton

My 2 year old has had the runs for about 2 weeks, i took him to the dr yesterday and the dr said he has what they call toddler diarrhea meaning his stomach pushes foo...


Toddler Diarrhea

R.F. asks from St. Cloud

My son, who is 16 months old, has had diarrhea for 2 and 1/2 weeks now. He came down with the flu two tuesdays ago, which included vommiting 11 times Tuesday night, b...


Teething and Diarrhea

S.B. asks from Birmingham

Hi moms, I have a 13 month old baby who is teething. He is getting his eye teeth or canine teeth whatever you want to call them. And he has had diarrhea for the past...


Day 19 of Vomiting and Diarrhea in 4 Year Old

K.J. asks from Reading

My 4 year old got what we thought was a stomach virus back on May 16. He vomited a couple of times and that seemed to be it. Then, 3 days later he got fairly bad di...