Starting Out

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Starting to Work Out at 17 Weeks... Late I Know:(

M.C. asks from Asheville

Anyone start working out later in their pregnancy and can give me some tips... Or better Yet encouragement! I'm pregnant with my 2nd, and Last... That's the plan for...


Seeking Advice from Serious Fitness Buffs About Fat Loss

M.T. asks from Providence

I am having a hard time losing a little "jelly roll" around my midsection. I have had 3 pregnancies and never had this problem before. I am trying the Abs Diet and ...


Weight Loss Without Exercise

M.M. asks from Chicago

Is it even possible? I hate excercising but have lot of weight to lose. I walk a lot and with a toddler at home, I am up and about most of the time. But somehow my we...


Staying Healthy Now That School Has Started

A.L. asks from Charleston

What do you mamas do to keep yourself and your kids well now that school has started back? My oldest started school today, and my husband and I are both just waiting ...


Carving Out Time to Exercise

S.R. asks from San Francisco

Hello Mamas, Okay, so I REALLY need to make some lifestyle changes. After 23 years of parenting, and with the youngest still at home and 8 years old, and with singl...


How Can I Exercise with 3 Kiddos in Tow?

H.O. asks from Austin

I would like to exercise daily but am at a loss on how to do it with children. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Starting a Business Selling Shoes

L.W. asks from Detroit

Mama's A friend is thinking of opening a shoe store long term goal. Anyone out there has any knowledge on how to get started? How did you start? Where can she purch...


Starting Playgroup in St Pete

M.A. asks from Tampa

Hi, Would you like to join the play group I'm starting in the St. Petersburg area? I'm in zip 33702 but willing to drive a little. We could meet at Tyrone Mall fo...


Exercise DVD

L.L. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone:) I am going to buy a new exercise dvd tonight and I'd love to hear if anyone has one that they absolutely love. I'd like to focus mainly on cardio and to...


Starting Solid Foods

R.L. asks from Sarasota

We have recently started feeding our 4 month old daughter solid foods. I should say we are attempting to feed her solid foods. Per the doctor's advice, we have been...