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J.M. asks from Washington DC

I'm sure all first time moms get a little paranoid about these milestones our children are supposed to meet... My daughter is 8 and 1/2 monthes old and is a wonderful...


Hitting the Milestones

T.S. asks from New York

My daughter is 3 months old and was only 4lbs at birth, now she is just under 10lbs. Does anyone else have a premie and when did they hit thier milestones such as ho...


Preemie Milestones

S. asks from Chicago

Hi moms. I had a baby boy at 33 weeks which makes him 14 weeks old now. I am noticing that he is behind in reaching some of the milestones that my other daughters r...


Toddler Milestones

N.S. asks from San Francisco

My almost 2 year old daughter, Raven is trying to pass many toddler milestones at once. I am still nursing her once a day (for naps) and really want to finally wean ...



M.R. asks from Boston

My 7 1/2 baby still doesn't sits down by himself.... my first one, now 3 1/2 years old did it when he was 6 months. I know all children are different and every one de...


Marking Milestones with Premies...

N.L. asks from Portland

Good Morning Ladies, I have a wonderful 3 and half month old daughter, she was born 5 weeks early and my question is this... When we are marking her milestones,...


My 5 Years Old Boy

A.H. asks from New York

what is the behavior of a 5 years old boy?



B.L. asks from San Francisco

My son is about to turn 3 years old and has reached all of his milestones except the ones in the Language area. He only speaks with 1-2 words in a sentences and is no...


Question to All Moms - Developmental Milestones

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Just curious which month your baby reached these developmental milestones. 1.Rolling Over 2.Sitting 3.Crawling 4.Standing 5.Walking 6.Teething 7.Talking I...


25 Years of (Not) Married It Is

C.W. asks from Lynchburg

Today would have been 25 years married. But it is not...because we are divorced. Nevermind I have known him (and his family) since I was 13....(39 years all tol...