Stages & Milestones: Toddler, Baby Einstein

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18 Month Old Not Talking

My 18 month old son is not talking yet. He hasn't even uttered the word momma or ma ma. Everyone has always stressed the importance of not using baby talk with kiks, but to talk to them like a regular person. I have lived by this rule since he was born. He loves for you to read to him, so I read to him no less than 5 times a day, but he still isn't talking. People have also said that boys talk late, but he vocabulary of words that you can actually understand is about 3, when the doctors say he should have been talking months ago. Now his...


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1St Year B-day Party

Can anyone give me some ideas or suggestion on what i could do for my daughters first b-day party? Like a b-day theme or something i can do for her so that she would enjoy her b-day.. Can't wait to here from other moms!! Thanks


Wiggles B-day Party

I'm a mom of a soon to be 2 year old who is OBSESSED with the Wiggles!!! For...


Eating Solid Foods & Weaning

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Wean or Not to Wean? That Is the Question...

I am 6 months pregnant with my second child. My son just turned one year. I always thought I would have him weaned by his first birthday, but that didn't go as planned. He still seems to need it to comfort him to fall asleep, etc... Anyway, I am not sure I want to tandem nurse and was wondering if anyone had any good advice for me. The birth of my second child is fast approaching. I also do not want to wean him to near to the homecoming of our new addition because I don't want him to resent his sibling. Please let me know what your...


Weening 18 Month Old

Hi Moms. I have an almost 18 month old boy who has been breastfeed since...


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Baby Einstein Dvd's

I am looking to buy Baby Einstein DVDís and/or CDís /if you are done with yours..and you think they are good/. Also have a question on what experience do you have with any DVDís/CDís for babies, How old the baby has to be to watch them /and for how long/ or shows interest in it. Any kind of advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Baby Einstein Videos

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding...

Language Skills

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Seeking Talking Help with 13 Month Old

My child is currently thirteen months old and only says very few words and I was wondering if I should be concerned. His first word was Ma Ma but he rarely says it anymore. He says da da, daddy, nana, and points to lights and his slide saying words that sound very familiar. I don't think he associates us with ma ma and da da yet. Everything else seems to be developmentally okay. He is starting to walk independently and I know that sometimes they only reach one major milestone at a time. Should I worry?

Self Feeding

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Self Feeding & Finger Foods

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Talking & First Words

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Baby Einstein Dvd's

I received several Baby Einstein DVD's as shower gifts. A friend recently told me that she read an article that Baby Einstein DVD's are not recommended. She couldn't remember why. Do you have any experience with the DVD's? Thanks!


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How to Survive a 13 Hour Plane Trip with a 17 Month Old??

My husband and I are flying from West coast US to Australia next month with our 17 month old son. His favorite word is down and he is NOT a cuddler!!! I am starting to collect a few ideas on how to get through this flight (plus the 2 3-hour flights on either side of it). My pediatricians only advice was to not do it... this is not an option!! We will be there for 3 weeks and then have the same flight pattern home. Has anyone been in the same spot? What about using benadryl or something to help him sleep? (mind you, I am NOT a fan of...


Is She Teething?

Good morning, I think my five month old might be teething. She is...


Is He Teething??

My son is 3 1/2 months old and keeps knawing on his thumb and fist. He is...

Tummy Time

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Baby Einstein Videos

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding they were developed by a stay at home Mom trying to find something to stimulate her children's minds. I don't obviously want my child raise by the tv but I thought a half hour of this when he's fussy just to settle him down a bit is ok. Does anyone have any of these videos and do they really work?


No Tummy Time

My girls are 4 mo and I cant get them to do any tummy time.They were born at...