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Eating Solid Foods & Weaning

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Cracked/bleeding Nipples. Help!!

Hi ladies, I've never been successful at breastfeeding, so have always bottle fed my children. This time around though, I'm bound and determined to make it work. (so far we've gone a month of exclusively breastfeeding! yay!!). My daughter latches on beautifully and is a fantastic nurser, which has really helped me to stick with it. :) The only problem is, my nipples are peeling and bleeding from nursing, and boy do they HURT! I can't use lanolin-based products that have been suggested to me by my doctor for soreness; is there something...

Growth Charts

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What Did You Do to Take the Weight Off

I am a 32 yr old SAHM. Currently I weigh in at 165.4 lbs and am 5'1". I have started working out and wanted to know what everyone else does in the form of exercise. I work-out a minimum of an hour at least 5 days a week. Usually I stick to the Cross Ramp trainer, cycling, and a cool down of walking the indoor track until my heart rate comes down.


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Looking for Preschool in Round Rock

We are relocating to the Round Rock area and I need a preschol for my 3 1/2 year old. He had a wonderful preschool this year that was 2 days a week and only in the afternoons. I need a school with loving teachers where he can have fun and learn!


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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)

My husband and I are becoming anxious about our pool area for our very mobile and curious little boy. Has anyone tried the Infant Swimming Resource yet (ISR)? You know, the one with the little baby that falls in the pool and manages to wait until someone comes for him? (


Private Swim Lessons

I am looking for someone to provide private swim lessons to my three year...