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Possible Implantation Bleeding

I.I. asks from Los Angeles

I have two children already but I honestly don't remember having any kind of implantation bleeding with them. My last period started on June 15 and I am due to start ...


Bleeding After 1St Exam with Doc

S.B. asks from Wichita Falls

I went in to see my doc and he did the pap test thing, now I am bleeding. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to bleed after this test? When will it stop? My husband ...


Bleeding After C-section

S.A. asks from Pensacola

I am 10 weeks, 1 day post c-section (where I was blessed with an amazing little boy), and the bleeding has come back (I've had maybe 7-8 days total where I have had n...


Mid- Cycle Bleeding

N.W. asks from Detroit

I am trying to get pregnant (I took a test today and I am NOT)and I started having mid-cycle bleeding a few days ago. It's fairly light, I don't need a tampon or pad...


How Long Did Your Implantation Bleeding Last???

S.P. asks from Nashville

okay so from my other questions me and my husband are ttc a second child. We had sex the whole week which i was ovulating and couple days after. My period isnt suppos...


Unusual Bleeding with Merina IUD

B. asks from Portland

Has anyone who uses the Merina IUD had unusual bleeding, after it's been in awhile? I got mine 7 mos. ago and everything's been fine up until about a month ago. My ...



N.R. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies. I am 14 weeks pregnant and experiencing lower back pains and cramping. I've experienced the cramping throughout my pregnancy so far, and did experienc...


Abnormal Bleeding in Between Periods

T.M. asks from Cheyenne

The last few days i have been really sick and then today i started bleeding but my period is not suppose to start till next sunday im ona birth control pill thats why...


Bleeding in First Trimester?

T.A. asks from Stockton

Hi, I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I noticed yesterday evening that when I went to the restroom there was a bit of "dark" blood when I wiped. I called ...