Speech Therapy

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Question About My Son's Speech Delay

J.S. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone! I have not seen anything related to my sons speech delay, so I thought I'd ask now. My son is 2.5 yo and has been receiving speech therapy for...


Speech Delay in 15Month Old

M.T. asks from Dallas

Hello!!! I just took my son for his 15 month f/u appt. and the doctor told me that he may be slightly speech delayed. He says Mama and Dada, but not to us specifical...


Just a Speech Delay?

S.Q. asks from Cincinnati

When my daughter was around 3 months old I noticed certain things about her that just didn't seem "normal" but no one else thought were cause for concern. Now she wi...


Speech and Language Delay

B.M. asks from Tampa

Hi I have a 5 year old boy with a speech and language delay. He goes to therapy at kindergarten. I know this sounds awful but I find it really frustrating trying to t...


ASD Or Speech Delay

M.K. asks from Washington DC

I posted on here before about concerns with my son having SPD because of his delayed speech along with some sensory problems/issues. Since the last time I posted and ...


My Son Has a Speech Delay.

A.R. asks from Sacramento

My son is 4 years old and he has started preschool. He is also in day care for most of the mornings. He has a speech delay as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactive ...


Looking for a Speech Therapist

E.B. asks from Cincinnati

Our 2 3/4 year old son was diagnosed with a speech delay when he turned two. We had been receiving services once a week in Chicago through Illinois' Early Interventi...


Speech Therapy- What to Expect?

E.M. asks from Phoenix

So we have been referred to a speech therapist for our older son, who is nearly 5. His vocab and syntax are great, it is just some sounds that he has a hard time pro...


Speech Pathologist vs Speech Therapist

L.M. asks from Kansas City

OK, My son is receiving "therapy" from Infant Toddler Services. But it seems the "Specialist" is working with me rather than with my son, which is great on one hand, ...


Speech Delay in Almost-2-year-old?

C.A. asks from Provo

My son is 22 months old and barely says any words. He only has about four or five words that he says regularly. He does babbles non-sensical stuff all the time, thoug...