Spanking: Older Child

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Help with My 7 Year Old Daughter's Behavior

M.V. asks from Steubenville

My daughter is only 7 years old (will be 8 this summer) and she already has the attitude of a teenager. She is very mouthy and disrespectful all the time. She will ...


8 Year Old Not Listening

N.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, I have an 8 year old boy who for about the past year has been having difficulty following though on directions and keeping focused. For example, at 7:30pm my kids...


My 7 Year Old Daughter Isn't Interested in Anything!

S.H. asks from Washington DC

I have a problem that may not be a problem at all. I can’t get my 7, soon to be 8, year old daughter interested in anything. When she was much younger I signed he...


7 Year Old Scared to Swim

G.K. asks from New York

I have a 7 year old son. When he was 4 1/2 yrs, I started him for swimming classes and most of the time he wouldn't go in the water at all. He would cry and be on the...


Need Creative Disclipline Suggestions for a 10 Year Old

C.W. asks from Dallas

Hi. I have a request for all the creative Mommys out there. I have a 10 year old son who is wonderful. He is a really good kid. We have one issue with him that ...


Please Help, How Do I Discipline My 8 YO Daughter, Time Outs Don't Work Anymore!

C.G. asks from Dallas

*** OMG thanks everyone for all the sugestions! I can't believe for how long I let this situation go on. I keep getting answers cool! I'll keep reading I need all the...


Getting 9-Year Old to Stop Wasting Things!

N.S. asks from Chicago

My 9-year old has not grasped the concept of wasting versus conserving. She will take a large portion of food and then eat two bites. I keep telling her to take sm...


My 8 Year Old Sion Has Frequent Tantrums

D.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 8 year old son has daily temper tantrums many times a day. they start at breakfast and are over anything from he doesn't like what is served to brushing his teeth...


7 Year Old Son Constantly Whines and Cries

J.M. asks from Chicago

My 7 year old son is known as the cry baby in the neighborhood. Its getting worse and worse. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing I can do to even help the reason ...


Violent Fits and Disruption from 9 year-old-Need Advice!

J.N. asks from Portland

We are a large combined family. My 9-year-old stepdaughter has been a huge household disruption and as she has gotten older her "temper tantrums" have gotten more an...