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Winging from Nursing, but Dont Want to Introduce Formula, Advise on Soy or Rice

S.O. asks from Boise

I need to start winging my 7 month old as I am getting busier and busier with work. I have been nursing to date and over the last month have introduced her to rice c...


Opinion on Best Organic Brand of Soy Formula and Probiotic for 4 Month Old?

A.D. asks from Seattle

My son is just about 4 months old and is very gassy and he is constantly spitting up. He is lactose intolerant so right now I have him on the Similac Sensitve RS, for...


Intolerance to Dairy and Soy Milk?

M.D. asks from San Francisco

HI moms. I nursed my son for 10 months, switched to regular milk formula and he was extremely gassy, congested and phlegmy. Switched to soy formula per pedi's advic...


Too Much Soy Milk Info Out There!!!

M.B. asks from Cincinnati

Can anyone help me sort through all of the soy milk issues. I'm worried about giving my daughter soy milk because of the estrogen levels that are reportedly present. ...


My 2 Month Old Doesn't like His Soy Formula... Idk What Else to Try

K.B. asks from New York

My two month old isn't seeming to like to eat his soy formula We just put him on it yesterday due to upset painful gassy stomach ...poor guy😩 it when he eats th...


When to Introduce Milk? and What About Soy?

E.V. asks from San Francisco

My son is 12months old and still nurses up to 3 or 4 times in a day. once in the morning and once before bed for sure. the other 2 are random if at all. when should i...


Breast Milk to Soy Milk

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My Daughter is going to be 14 months old soon. I have been giving her breast milk this entire time but am ready to stop pumping now. She has not nursed since she wa...


Organic Formula

E.M. asks from Tampa

So I saw an organic soy formula at the health food store and was wonering if anyone has every tried any type of organic formula. what did you think of it? How did you...


Need Help on Soy Milk

J.P. asks from Joplin

My 18 month old daughter doesn't tolerate milk so I put her on Silk Soy milk. Shortly after putting her on it she got a yeast rash in the diaper area. Have you ever...


Soy Products and Kids...

S.M. asks from Kansas City

Quite a long time ago I was chided by someone for feeding soy to daycare children without getting advance and even written permission from parents. I don't remember ...