Soy Milk

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Soy Milk

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

a little background.... i breastfed my now 2 year old up until recently.i had to give it up due to my health or i might not have quite yet.she has never had a bott...


Soy Milk

A.C. asks from Las Cruces

hello everyone! my 2 month old baby was switched to soy milk a couple of weeks ago because he was allergic to milk. my question is that he has been on it for about t...



S.S. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone heard of any bad things about soy formula? My baby was on the Enfamil Gentlease, but after a couple weeks of being on that he started having very runny st...



R.C. asks from Seattle

I was talking to someone the other day who mentioned that they heard something about soy having estrogen-like quality and that certain people should avoid consuming t...



L.H. asks from Fayetteville

My daughter is currently 4.5 months old and was put on the Enfamil Prosobee Lipil(Soy formula) a day after I had her in the hospital. I had asked her doctor about swi...


From Soy Formula to Soy Milk?

K. asks from San Antonio

Hi Mom's, My daughter is 14 months old. When she was about 3 months I switched her to soy formula due to acid reflux and gas. I had some of the same issues with my o...


Thanks for the Advice on Soy Milk

C.S. asks from Portland

Thanks for the advice on Soy Milk


Soy Milk or Rice Milk?

D.B. asks from Dallas

I have an 11 month old who doesn't seem to do well on cow's milk. He was on Nutramigen as an infant but just stopped drinking it so we are trying to get him to drink...


Breast Milk to Soy Milk

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My Daughter is going to be 14 months old soon. I have been giving her breast milk this entire time but am ready to stop pumping now. She has not nursed since she wa...


Good Tasting Soy Milk

K.P. asks from Cincinnati

Does anyone have a suggestion of a kind of soy milk that tastes good, especially to children?