Sore Throat

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Information on Repetitive Strep Throat Needed

M.G. asks from Oklahoma City

My son has strep throat for the 4th time since NOvember. We get about two weeks in between and then he gets it again. He is on a new round of penicillin and we are g...


8 1/2 Mo Old with Canker Sore?

C.E. asks from Denver

I just noticed a white spot (red around it) in the back of my 8 1/2 month olds mouth. Could this be a canker sore? Is it related to teething? Oddly enough I have a can...


Strep Throat. How Long Do I Wait for the Antibiotics to Work?

N.G. asks from Dallas

My 10-year-old daughter has strep throat, and it's a really bad case of it. Her pain is so severe that it hurts her to smile, turn her head, swallow... taking her med...


What Can I Do for My 2 Y/o's Mouth Sore?

C.R. asks from Austin

My 2 y/o has a little mouth sore inside under his bottom lip and he doesnt want to eat very much becuase of it. We all know how it feels to have a mouth sore. But how ...


Lump in Throat Sensation/ Experience with Zantac

C.H. asks from Salt Lake City

I have had a sensation of a lump in my throat since May, I went to my family Dr in May because I was concerned. He told me if it didnt go away in a few weeks to be se...


Step Throat Turning into Scarlet Fever, Often or Not?

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

My 3 kids all went through there own private hell's each with the dreaded strep. Its not the first time they had it, not likely the last. However my 5 year old was fir...


My 4 Year Old Had to Go to the DR Today Because She Had Fever/sore Throat?

A.R. asks from Chattanooga

But she is still able to eat somewhat? Also, the strep test came back negative but he said we had to wait until the culture test came back because sometimes the strep ...


Crown and Filling Yesterday - Sore Today?

A.M. asks from Kansas City

Hey ladies! so, on the one hand i was tickled that the crown and filling went better than i thought yesterday morning. last time i had dental work done (extraction...


Tips to Treat/get Rid of Sore on Tongue

J.A. asks from Spartanburg

This is kinda gross and very painful. I have an ulcer (for lack of a better description) on the side of my tongue towards the back of my mouth, it brushes up against ...


Could I Have Strep Throat? Kids Had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I think I need to make a Dr. appt (even though I'm one to just wait things out)... I've had a mild sore throat for a few days now and I've also had headaches too. Yest...