Sore Throat: Myself

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What Do You Do for a Sore Throat?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

We came home from a family reunion in Atlanta on Sunday and I had a sore throat. It has only gotten worse. I came home from work around 230 on Monday because I could ...


Sore Throat

A.W. asks from Monroe

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I had cold...cough, sore throat, stuffy nose. I recovered from that pretty quickly, but since I have had a terribly sore throat. It's much wor...


Sore Throat

V.V. asks from Houston

When do you generally take you child into the doctor for a sore throat? Do you wait a few days to see if it goes away or take them right away? My six year old had a s...


Very Sore Throat

D.C. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi All, I've got the flu, and with it a very sore throat. I'm taking tylenol, drinking hot tea with honey and using a saltwater gargle. I've tried throat lozenges ...


Sore Throat

T.C. asks from Albuquerque

All of a sudden on Monday I started getting a sore throat and by the nezt morning less then 12 hours later I had lost my voice. By the afternoon I was able to talk ag...


Sore Throat... Help

B.K. asks from Chicago

I came down yesterday with a sore throat and fever. Today the fever is gone but the throat is REALLY BAD! I don't remember ever having a sore throat like this before....


Sore Throat Relief for Toddler

L.C. asks from Chicago

I have a 3 year old with his first sore throat. Does anyone have a remedy for this besides tylenol? Any drug free ideas?


Sore Throat Remedies

A.S. asks from Iowa City

Anyone have any good sore throat remedies? I have chloraseptic drops but I only have 2 left and they aren't really working anyway. I'm having some hot tea...hoping ...


Remedies for Sore Throat....

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

I have had a sore throat for a few days now :0( Unfortunately, I don't sleep well so I get sore throats a lot... Besides gargling with salt and water, taking zicam, ...