Sore Throat: Maalox

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Canker Sore in Mouth

T.R. asks from Evansville

Anyone have any advise how to get rid of a canker sore in my mouth? Tried origel to get rid of pain and it has not worked. Can't find a med for in the mouth to get ri...


Sore on Toddlers Tongue

B.B. asks from Iowa City

Hi moms, My almost 3 year old woke up this morning with a small white bump on her tongue. I'm not sure if it is a canker sore, but it is very painful for her. She ...


15 Month Old with Strep Throat

B.W. asks from Baton Rouge

My 15 month old daughter was diagnosed with strep throat this past Friday. She was given a shot of antibiotic Friday afternoon. As of this morning, she is still com...


What Can I Do for My 2 Y/o's Mouth Sore?

C.R. asks from Austin

My 2 y/o has a little mouth sore inside under his bottom lip and he doesnt want to eat very much becuase of it. We all know how it feels to have a mouth sore. But how...


Tips to Treat/get Rid of Sore on Tongue

J.A. asks from Spartanburg

This is kinda gross and very painful. I have an ulcer (for lack of a better description) on the side of my tongue towards the back of my mouth, it brushes up against...


Hand Foot Mouth

H.L. asks from Atlanta

My 2 1/2 yr old son has been diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth. His mouth is full. Really full of sores. My pedestrian said to mix Benadryl and Maalox together and s...



S.E. asks from Sacramento

My son was just diagnosed with this. Its sores on his throat that causes a sore throat. Other symptoms are a fever, and not wanting to eat or drink anything. But my...


Need Relief for Son's Mouth

R.H. asks from Dallas

I just took my 24 month old to the Dr. for having a high fever that has lasted for about 2 days. There are no other symptoms other than a fever and some blisters on h...


Mouth Sores?

C.M. asks from St. Louis

Took my 9 month old son to the doctor last Friday convinced he had a third ear infection. NOPE...the doctor said he has MOUTH SORES!! I was really taken aback. I had ...